26 Dec. 2018

Agreement between International Taekwon-Do Federation & World Taekwon-do


An Agreement between ITF & WT was adopted on the 2nd November 2018 in Pyongyang, DPR of Korea following the bilateral consultations with regards to the integration between two Federations. 

Prof. Ri Yong Son, President of International Taekwon-Do Federation and Dr. Chungwon CHOUE, President of World Taekwon-do ratified the given Agreement.  The signing ceremony was honoured by the presence of Prof. GM. Hwang Ho Yong, Senior Vice-President, Mr. Kim Chol Gyu, Director of Finance & Administration and Mr. Choi Hyong Chol, Deputy

Chairman of  Finance & Market Standing 


Committee on the side of ITF headed by its President Prof. Ri Yong Son and of Mr. Hossein Rafaty, Secretary General, Mr. Ahmed Fouly, president of Taekwon-do Federation of Africa, Mr. John Kotsifas, President of Taekwon-do Federation of Oceania, Mr. Angelo Cito, Member of the WT Executive Board & President of Taekwon-do Federation of Italy and Mr. Eil Chul Kim, Deputy General Secretary Manager on the side of WT headed by its President Dr. Chungwon CHOUE.

Agreement between ITF and WT

in Pyongyang


November 2, 2018






The 100th Birthday Commemoration

of Gen. Choi Hong Hi


Taekwon-Do Demonstration,  Cambodia

On 25th May-4th June 2018, the National Sports Tournament for its second edition took place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia concluded by Taekwon-Do Demonstration performed by 600 Taekwon-Do practitioners of ITF Cambodia to start with its President in person Mr. Keo Remy, President of Human Rights Committee of Cambodian Congress. The event was honored by the presence of Cambodian Prime Minister H.E. Mr. Hun Sen,  a number of 

governmental level VIP and Ambassadors of different countries in Cambodia followed by twenty thousand spectators. It was a real national gala for Taekwon-Do. 


Letter from Master Moulden, President ITF Thailand

A welcome Ceremony.

A welcome Ceremony for Cambodian winners at the 9th Asian Taekwon-Do Championship in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia was held on 22nd May at the building of the Cabinet of Cambodia.


The ceremony was honored by the presence of Cambodian Government Prime Minister H.E. Mr. Hun Sen accompanied by Deputy Prime Ministers, Minister of Sports along with VIPs of governmental level, Taekwon-Do practitioners and competitors of different sports disciplines. The Prime Minister highly appreciated all Cambodian winners of Gold medals at the Championship and awarded to them relevant Cambodian decorations. All medias are largely covering the news with their success in competitions. The medal “Mohasereywat”, first category, was specially awarded to Mst. Ri Chol Nam, Korean Taekwon-Do instructor dispatched in Cambodia as ITF representative.


Commemoration of the 100th birthday of

Gen. Choi Hong Hi

Pyongyang, the Capital of the DPRK

from Nov. 9 to 12, 2018 

Korean Taekwon-Do Committee

International Seminar and Special Congress of the PTC in Argentina 


Official PTC report 


Having finished the special Congress of the PTC. And International Seminar in the cities of San Miguel de Tucuman and Buenos Aires- Argentina, which had the illustrious visits of the President of the ITF Prof. Master Ri Yong Son and the Chairman Thecnical Committee of ITF GM Hwang Ho Yong. ...

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The President of the Taekwon-Do Federation of Africa cordially invites you to attend the 4th TFA Congress  


Venue:  Uniao Cultural Recreative E Sportiva Portuguesa Portuguese Recreational and Sporting Union Club  (Tournament Venue)   4 Eastwood Street   Turffontein   Johannesburg   South Africa

Date:  Saturday, 30th June 2018

Time:  19h00



4th African Taekwon-Do ITF Open Championship


Johannesburg, South Africa

30th June to 1st July 2018


General Information

Dojang Registration Form


Official Protest Form



22nd March 


Prof. Ri Yong Son, ITF President



16 years endeavor!


On January 22, 2018, the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation signed an order No. 49 "On the recognition and Inclusion in the All-Russian Register of Sports and Sports disciplines and changes in the All-Russian Register of Sports" .

The order passed the registration in the Ministry of Justice of Russia to be ratified, on February 13, 2018, under No. 50028. 

The ITF Taekwon-Do is now recognized then as a sport under the code number 1020001411Ya.






held in Termas de Rio Hondo -Argentina 2017 under the participation of 1238 competitors from 20 countries. Ever first Original ITF historical Games in the American Continent, 36 GMs and Msts joined the event along with 180 Umpires who officiated 14 Competitions Rings during 6th, 7th and 8th October 2017.

Following is the Final Classification of countries:

1st Argentina, 2nd Chile, 3rd Puerto Rico-Peru, 4th Bolivia- Paraguay, 5th Colombia, 6th  USA, 7th México,  8th Uruguay, 9th Honduras, 10th Brazil, 11th  Nicaragua, 12th Canada, 13th Guatemala, 14th Grenada, 15th  Trinidad and Tobago

The Congress Panam TAEKWON-DO ITF Council took place at the “Hotel Amerian” on 7th October 2017. 

Important message to all ITF members-

20th ITF World Championship


From the ITF Vice President and Chairman of the ITF Consultative Council, Prof. Dato Dr. GM Leong Wai Meng.

UKTA 50th Anniversary Celebration


On 1st July 2017 United Kingdom Taekwon-Do Association (UKTA) hosted a seminar for over 240 participants, including 15 Grandmasters and Masters, from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Spain, Serbia and Netherlands to celebrate 50 years of Taekwon-Do in the United Kingdom.


Dr. Thomas Bach, President of the IOC at the ITF Demonstration Performance in Muju, South Korea

2017 WTF WCs MuJu Korea


The International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) was formed in Seoul Korea on March 22, 1966. It is said that this marked the first time in history that Korea was home to the headquarters for any international organization. When the ITF was founded, it was comprised of nine countries and quickly grew in number. Today well over 100 nations around the world have official governing bodies of the ITF. ...

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ITF Demonstration Team performed at the Kukkiwon

ITF Demonstration Team headed by Prof. Mst. Ri Yong Son in South Korea

Letter from International Taekwon-Do Federation President Prof. RI YONG SON



The talks between the ITF President Prof. RI Yong Son and the WTF President Dr. CHOUE Chungwon have taken place in the friendly atmosphere in Lausanne, Switzerland on 3 May 2017.

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