10th IRAN ITF TKD National Championships

11th Mar 2016



Iran ITF Taekwon-Do national championships took  place in Tehran, Harandi Stadium, in 11th  March 2016, the event was welcomed by all TKD ITF practitioners from all over IRAN.

Also the event was honored to have special guests from I.R. of IRAN government and parliament, beside the Esteemed Ambassador of DPR Korea honored the championships with his presence on top of a delegation of the Korean staff of DPRK Embassy in Tehran.

Mr. Javid Shahverid  & Mr. Hossein Farid Sabbagh the founders of IRAN ITF TKD Association mentioned their thanks in common statement of all those who made this magnificent event happen ,and were very helpful in organizing the successful event of  10th IRAN ITF TKD National Championships  and added: “in spite of all difficulties which we faced during past 10 years but now as the founders of Iran ITF now we are very glad to see that, the seeds of ITF TKD which we have plant for 10 years has grown up,. from now-on we should focus our energy in helping this three to fruit. Thanks to all the those who helped us in this serious duty, we wish to ask all the friends and supporters to continue and strengthen their support program for IRAN ITF.”


Iran ITF agents from 18 provinces, and 291 Taekwon-Doists from 14 provinces in 6 age categories participated in championships.