6th Mar 2016


A real marathon of TaeKwon-Do ITF in Estepona, Malaga... After several months of preparation, the International TaeKwon-Do Federation Spain “F.I.T.E.” along with the Andalusian TaeKwon-Do Association, had the hard work involved in the Organization of the national tournament of the year. As it could not be otherwise, the result was a successful participation, by placing the event within the history of the ITF in Spain with 420 competitors.

Friday, March 4th competitors and representatives of the different provinces arrived to comply with the registration and weighing. In an orderly manner and from the previous day, the direction of the tournament led by the F.I.T.E. President Master Carlos Martin, assisted at all times by the instructor Mr. Alberto Barsemanto and his team, worked perfectly coordinated preparing the hall while simultaneously held the draw, weighing and registration; this last task assigned to the President of the Association Mr. Maximiliano Montiel.

Saturday, March 5th started at 08.00 am, with the Umpires meeting to make the necessary indications, and refresh the official rules of the tournament. It should be noted that during the meeting was presented the new electronic scoring system to be used during the championships. The electronic system designed by a computer engineer and advised by the Chairman of the FITE exclusively, threw a mise in scene with 5 fully computerized areas, which provided relevant data to continue improving the system. The presentation of the tournament, with the parade of the delegations, was folowed with a very long and warm applause. The President of the F.I.T.E. thanked the presence of all, and the support of the schools ITF Noia, Liceo Noia, Madrid TaeKwon-Do, ITF Madrid, FITE TKD Masters Canary Islands, AVIT Valencia, Keungang Extremadura, Fuengirola, Benalup, San Pedro de Alcántara, Doyang Benalmadena, Invictus, Cadiz, Union of TaeKwon-Do Spain and schools Portugal as guest country.

Different local authorities accompanied organizers throughout all the day, so the Federation did not want to lose the opportunity to deliver a commemorative plaque to the Mayor of Estepona, Mr. José María García Urbano, in gratitude for the support received from the institutions.

The start of the competition gave call to the Taekwondoist of 5 years up to 13 years, who competed in patterns (Forms) and sparring. The joy of victory for some, and the momentary sadness of defeat for others, put the point and followed to the championship. After a brief pause of an hour, began the divisions of black belt, where the show did not disappoint. Veterans, adults and Juniors, merged into a block to demonstrate the high level of competition that exists today in Spain. It is worth mentioning that in different categories was working to enter the first phase of the national classification to represent Spain at the international tournaments of 2017. The aforementioned divisions came to an end with the elimination of breaks of special techniques and power. Entering the last stage of the tournament, categories from Junior, Senior and veteran color belt, did not leave indifferent to harrow, who vibrated with each show. Before closing tournament, the competition director, did not want to dismiss without highlight the work done by all the judges and referees, protagonists in the development of a national championship without relevant incidents.

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