Göteborgs Open Championship

The Championship was organized by Göteborgs TK-D club and Taekwon-Do Sweden last weekend, 24/3, in Göteborg, Sweden.

There were approximately 120 participants from Greenland, Serbia and Sweden. The Championship, started at 10.00 AM ended at 17.00 PM including Tul, Matsoki, Special Techniques and Power Breaking. It was a real success.



Final Standings

Symkent Open ITF Championship in Kazakhstan

Held on 24th -25th March 2018 in Symkent, Southern City of the country, the event recorded more than 500 competitors, umpires, and coaches all comprised from 12 major cities of the hosting country, Novosibirsk and Saint-Petersburg of Russia, Kirghizstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The event was a great success.

The 6th South Asian & Open Taekwondo Championships

Dear Respected  President, Secretary General, Masters, Instructors, 

South Asian ITF NGBs, South Asian ITF region.

Warm Greetings,

I would like to inform you on behalf of Nepal ITF all the details of the 6th SATC prepared by the latter that you can find out in the attachment files. ... READ MORE







Czech OPEN 2018

On March 17-18, 2018, the Czech Open in Nymburk, the Czech Republic was concluded with great success.


General information







19-27 August 2018





Mst. Hong Jong Hyon’s

Taekwon-Do Training Course

in Germany


ITF activities in



The SEATF Congress


The 2nd Congress of South-East Asia Taekwon-Do Federation was held in Siem Rim, Cambodia on 8th-10th March 2018.

Attended by Presidents and Representatives of National Governing Bodies from Malaysia, Singapour, Indonesia, Phillippines, Thailand and Cambodia, the Congress disscussed about the likelihood of the inclusion of our Taekwon-Do in SEA Olympic Games to be held in 2023, in Cambodia. The Congress summarized also the reports of activities of ITF NGBs of the region. The regional TV and media largely covered the success of the Congress.

ITF Taekwon-Do demonstration performance

ITF Taekwon-Do demonstration performance took place at Build Bright University in Siem Reap, Cambodia on 9th March 2018. The event was honored by the presence of the Rector of the University along with all the participants of SOUTH-EAST Taekwon-Do Federation’s Congress. 

The performance gave birth to Taekwon-Do Club of the University.

ITF 25th Mongolia National Taekwon-Do Championship


The event coincided with 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and DPR of Korea.

Held on 7th-9th February 2018, the event was honored by the presence of high ranking people from Mongolian Government along with H.E. Mr. O Sung Ho, ambassador of DPR of Korea in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The Ambassador and the advisor of President of Mongolia presented respectively congratulatory speech at the opening ceremony followed by the hoisting of the national colors of two countries. More than 400 practitioners from 18 Taekwon-Do clubs competed  in different disciplines; Pattern, Sparring, Power & Self-Defense routine. The event was a real success.

ITF TAEKWON-DO Demonstration 

The event was organized by TAI on 28th January 2018 at New Delhi to commemorate the 76th Birthday of the Great Leader of DPR of Korea H.E. KIM JONG IL. Mr. KYE CHUN YONG, the Ambassador of DPR of Korea was the Chief Guest and invitee of the event joined by other members from the DPR Korean Embassy in New Delhi, India. 

Big Mission 

As part of the cultural and sports exchange between the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic, demonstration performances and master classes for Syrian children and adolescents were held from January 29 to February 4. Athletes from the Russian Union of Martial Arts presented a program including 11 types of martial arts.The Federation of the Taekwondo of the ITF of Russia were represented by: President of the ITF Federal Agency for Science and Technology, Academician of the State Academy of Sciences of the Russian Academy of Education Seyranov S.G., The First Vice-President of the ITF FTR, Grand Master, 9 Dan Kalashnikov Yu.B., Honored Master of Sports of the Russian Federation Andrey Krylov and Piksayev Evgeny and master of sports of the Russian Federation Musaev Musa.

The videos and photos are posted on the official website of the Taekwondo Federation of Russia

The first “Junior & Children Taekwon-Do Tournament of Honorary President Cup”


The first ITF Cambodia “Junior & Children Taekwon-Do Tournament of Honorary President Cup” was held on 3rd -4th February 2018 under the presence of ITF Cambodia President, Honorary President and Director in charge of Sport of the Ministry of Education, Youth & Sport along with its officials. High ranking officials of the Government and H.E. Ambassador of DPR of Korea joined the event. At the closing ceremony, the awarding of medals was carried out under full coverage of TV and radio of the country.


The 1st Saransk Taekwon-Do Championship

ITF Srpska in Pyongyang in September 2017


Technical Seminar in Mexico


20-21 January 2018

in Mexico city

The ITF International Technical Seminar

The event sanctioned by the ITF HQs was organized by the ITF Ukraine from 21st to 21st January 2018 in Kiev, Ukraine. 

Conducted by Master Kim Yong Bin, it was a real success.

A Taekwon-Do Demonstration took place at Moscow on 20th-21st January in the framework of "The 3rd Moscow Taekwon-Do Cup Tournament". The event was attended by more than one thousand competitors, high Dan holders and Taekwon-Do relevant officials. The Opening Ceremony witnessed the perfection of Taekwon-Do techniques and skills performed by many of Taekwon-Do high Dan holders to start with Mst. Ri Yong Il.


Taekwon-Do Demonstration


 The Agrani Bank 9th  National and 4th  Bangladesh Cup Taekwon-Do Championships were successfully organized, in Sohid Sohorowardi Indoor Stadium, Mirpur Dhaka, on 31st  December 2017 and 1st January 2018.

The opening ceremony was honored by the presence of Mohammad Shams Ul Islam, Managing Director & CEO of Agrani Bank Limited and Mr. Shyama Prasad Bepari, Joint Secretary & Project Director of Ministry of Education in charge of Higher Secondary Stipend Project as Special Guests. Bashundhara Group Taekwon-Do Team was Champion in Senior Male division and  Agrani Bank Female Taekwon-Do Team was Champion in Senior Female division.

32nd National ITF Taekwon-do Championships 

The Championships are concluded successfully at S.M.S Indoor Stadium, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

The following events were held from 25th to 30th December 2017. 

1.64th  National Technical & Theory ITF Taekwon-Do Seminar

2.18th  National Umpire & Refreshing ITF Taekwon-Do Course

3.32nd National Sub-Junior/Junior/Senior/

Veteran ITF Taekwon-Do Championships.

A total of 968 players from 21 States of India participated in the events honored by the attendance of many Government officials who applauded its success. 

In accordance with the TAI Constitution & By-Laws, was held the National TAI Congress.

An eventful two day competition brought together Taekwon-Do clubs from around Australia. Master Tam Fook Chee’s Tam Taekwon-Do Mudokwan hosted this event in Valentine Sports Park Stadium with over 250 competitors. During the course of the two day event all competitors showcased their excellence in pattern, special technique and sparring. This positively reflects upon the standard of Taekwon-Do in Australia. ...

The 29TH DELHI State ITF Taekwon-Do Championship & 13TH Sub-Junior ITF Taekwon-Do DELHI State Display Competitions 

The event was organized and held successfully at Thyagraj Indoor Stadium, New Delhi from 30th November to 3rd December 2017 by “TAEKWON-DO FEDERATION OF DELHI” under the Chairmanship of Dr. Advocate Master Rajendran Balan, President of TFD & TAI and Master Rachana Chourasia Rajendran, Secretary General. 7433 Players from 208 Schools and 52 Clubs of Delhi NCR participated in the event. The event witnessed many Government officials, Principles and parents from various strata of Delhi NCR who applauded the successful conclusion of the event.

The International Championship of ITF Costa Rica


Well organized, with more than 200, Competitors, Technical Staffs and Referees all comprised, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Honduras attended the event.

The event was sponsored by the Government of the Tourist City of Jaco, in the Pacific Coast. The Championship was a great success for everyone.

ITFS invitational Championship 2017


The Championship was held on 19th November 2017 (Sunday) at Choa Chu Kang Community Club, Singapore and concluded with success its work under the leadership of the Organizing Committee consisting of  Ong John Kgee as Chairman, Chua Hong Liang as Secretary, Chew Keng Kok as Treasurer, Ong John Teck as Technical and Nelson Kah Heng as Demo planner.

60 competitors attended from 10 clubs Training Centers including 2 oversea team from Malaysia listed as below : 

1) Jurong East (Yuhua) RC Club

2) Micasa Neighbourhood committee club

3) Chua Chu Kang RC club

4) Tampines Resident committee club

5) Bukit Batok Resident committee club

6) Jalan Kayu Resident committee Club

7) ITFS Alliance club 

8) Jurong west central RC club

9) Johor team, Malaysia 

10) Perak Team, Malaysi



This is a training conducted by the Chief Instructor Sabumnim Henintsoa Fidèle ANDRIAMANANJARA, in the countryside. There is no gymnasium but the training is in the classroom, we have to move the tables and chairs.


The 17th  Senior and 10th  Junior national ITF championships

 2017,  Kathmandu, Nepal

 The 17th  Senior and 10th  Junior National ITF Championships have been concluded with grand success in Nuwakot on  3rd - 4th November 2017. The events were attended by 200 selected players from 5 regions including Nepal Army and Nepal  Police force. The Championship was organized by Nepal International Taekwon-Do Federation led by chairman of Mr. Basudev Bhatta, symbol of Nepal ITF.

Honduras executive Committee


At the General Assembly of the Honduran Association of Taekwon-Do-ITF (AHT-ITF), held in Tocoa, Colon, Atlantic Coast, on October 6, 2017, The new Executive Committee of the Honduran Taekwon-Do-ITF (AHT-ITF) was appointed by 28 delegates from 24 schools in Honduras. ... 


The 38th  National Taekwon-Do Championship, held for the first time in the City of Tocoa, Colon, Atlantic Coast, Honduras, on 6-8 October.

A great work carried out by the Honduran Association of Taekwon-Do ITF (AHT-ITF).

The FIRST DELHI SOUTH ZONE Junior, Senior &Veteran ITF Taekwon-Do Championships.

Held at GURUHARKRISHAN Public School “VASANT VIHAR”, New Delhi, on 4th SEPTEMBER 2017, the event was attended by 625 players from 31 Schools and 20 Clubs of South Delhi.


on training and attendance at the 50th ITF Anniversary in June 2016  and  training and participation and at the 20th Taekwon-Do World Championship in September 2017,  at Pyongyang, DPR Korea  

ITS Seminar and the IIC Course

from March 10 until March 12, 2017 in The Netherlands 

For the ITS, there where a total of 108 participants (including Gup holders) and for the IIC there where 52 participants. In total there were fifteen Masters (two Grand Masters, three 8th degree and ten 7th degree) and a total of forty-seven IV degree and higher. It was a great and educational weekend as we are accustomed from Grand Master Hwang Ho Yong.

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