Promotions boost for new members in Thailand ITF


Whilst our membership remains small the quality of our students continues to improve. The recent “free lessons” promotion attracted only 10 new members all of whom passed their first test with flying colours.

Many students were not ready to test in June and need to train seriously during the coming three months to be ready to test in September.

Three 2nd Gup students were promoted to 1st Gup providing the mew members and the audience with a sound display of Taekwon-Do and practical self defence.

The highlight of the days testing was the application of two 1st Dans for promotion to 2nd Dan. Boosabum Nuk and Boosabum Ning both have been preparing to test for the past 18 months and in addition to their role as assistant Instructors have set a high example to all Black Belts.

Their testing involved three 2nd Dan Tuls, 3 Gup Tuls, Step Sparring, Self Defence, Free Sparring and board breaking. Both students are mature age but showed the younger one that Taekwon-Do is for all ages.

Congratulations should also go to the newly promoted Jum to Boosabum. Jum is regularly attending classes three times per week and helping out with the juniors.

MeMee was presented with her 1st Dan Certificate and thanked by Master Moulden for her continued assistance with the Kiddie Kwon classes.

Boosabum Aoy is heading off to university and unfortunately will not be able to continue training.


There are two competitions happening close to Thailand and it would be a great opportunity for our Black Belts to try out their skills. One is in Cambodia the other in Malaysia.