International Taekwon‑Do Federation

4 May 2021

On April 17th 2021, the 1st International Sports Training Seminar for Taekwon‑do ITF took place, via ZOOM, online.

The Seminar was Organized by the Cyprus Taekwon‑do Federation.

Seminar Contactor was Master Lefteris Polydorou 7th Degree, Member of the ITF’s Technical and Education Committee.

As a first ever seminar of this kind, we decided to go through all the aspects of sports Training. So, at the Theoretical part we talked about all the factors influencing performance and the way and methods of intervention through training.

At practical part we showed in a practical way some methods for training. Talked and showed exercises and showed how a trainer will think when designing a training plan for his/her athletes.

The seminar participated a total of 21 Instructors and Athletes of Taekwon‑do. Among them 1 Grand Master and 4 Masters.

At the end of the seminar, we had the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas about Taekwon‑do, Sports Training of Taekwon‑do and Taekwon‑do competition.

Many of the participants shared in written their opinion and observation about the Seminar and expressed their opinion about what to include in the next seminar of this kind.

It was a very good first seminar. There is a lot of space to work, a lot of things to talk about and a lot of experience to be shared among us, always on the basis of scientific knowledge, means and methods of improvement to lead to higher level of performance in our Sport, always in the safer possible way.

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