International Taekwon‑Do Federation

12 Apr 2021

Many congratulations to everyone for the 66th Anniversary of Taekwon‑Do. 

By giving Taekwon‑Do as a gift to the World Gen. Choi Hong Hi has changed the life of millions for their betterment. 

The humanity will always be thankful to him.

I am glad to inform that the 66th Anniversary of Taekwon‑Do was celebrated by many members of “Taekwon‑Do Association of India” at the maximum capacity possible considering the present situation of Covid-19 in many parts of India and we all pledged to make this world a peaceful place to live in as per the Oath of Taekwon‑Do.

These celebration events were held in Delhi, Karnataka, Bengal and Kerala.

With best wishes,

Grand Master Dr. Rajendran Balan & Master Rachana

President & Secretary General – TKD Association of India

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