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13 May 2019

Since 2018 the Czech Taekwon‑Do Federation ITF produces, in cooperation with nationwide TV channel Sport5, a quarterly TV documentary called TAEKWON‑DO MAGAZINE. This magazine is dedicated to all those interested in Taekwon‑Do, the modern Korean art of self-defense, and each 15-minute episode contains 3 new interesting reports from the Czech Taekwon‑Do ITF. The magazine is presented in the Czech language.

What awaits you in this year's introductory episode 1?

In this year's first part you can look forward to the profile of the very successful Taekwon‑Do ITF Třeboň, one of our 5 associated schools in South Bohemia.

In the second reportage you will once again enjoy the atmosphere of this year's biggest international tournament in taekwondo ITF Czech OPEN 2019, which took place from 1 to 3 March 2019 in the sports hall ČUS in Nymburk. You can also watch a special 15-minute TV documentary from this tournament.

In the last, third report, you can watch an interview with one of the Czech most successful representatives in taekwodn ITF, head of school and head coach of Taekwon‑Do ITF Brno, Libor Machan (6th dan). You can learn a lot about him from his very rich life.

We hope that you will like this year's first magazine and you will also show it to your friends.

Taekwon‑do is a very attractive exercise and it is certainly worth seeing at least unless you decide to start exercising in any of the 37 Taekwon‑Do schools across the Czech Republic.

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