International Taekwon‑Do Federation

26 Jun 2020

In times of need

Kind donations by Master Graham Moulden and Sabum Rachanok

ITF Thailand

The setbacks faced by millions around the world as results of the Covid-19 Pandemic are many and varied and the impacts on everyday life devastating. Clearly there have been attempts by Governments to soften the damage by way of financial aid to businesses and individuals and in some cases this aid has been a life saver.

The knock-on effect goes right back to the suppliers, whether it be from oil to petrol, iron ore to steel or fresh fruit and vegetable to food manufacturers and in the past few months we have seen job losses of the magnitude never before experienced. Still there are those who have managed to get by and indeed flourish during this crisis and it is pleasing to see many of these survivors are doing what they can to help others less fortunate.

Master Moulden and his wife Sabum Rachanok live in Central Thailand where rice is the staple crop. Whilst usually rice farming provides a good income, the downturn in demand has all but crippled the industry. It takes a great deal of money upfront to establish crops and then the wait for the favorable return. The Thai Government has done it best to provide funds to those affected but in reality, there is not a bottomless fund to continue the handouts.

Master Moulden and Sabum Rachanok usually teach English along with their Taekwon‑Do classes. As a result of adhering to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions level, they have been teaching English to only a third of their usual students that are able to go online. Taekwon‑Do students have been sending in their home-based training videos in order to maintain their skills and knowledge.

Sabum Rachanok as a business owner was deemed to be eligible for a 1,000 Baht subsidy from the government; however she knew that there were many families in the district who were in far greater need of the money. After a discussion with Master Moulden, Sabum Rachanok agreed to match the 1,000 Baht with another of her own 1,000 Baht to buy a quantity of food and divide it into 25 offerings. Each offering consisted of one kilo of rice, a liter of cooking oil, 500gms of sugar and a canned fish.

Master Moulden and Sabum Rachanok generously donated the food aid to the Provincial Government office which runs a nursery for underprivileged children and 22 families that are registered with the program. Whilst it may seem a merger amount, every little bit goes a long way when times are tough. The offerings were distributed to each family on their arrival at the nursery with the staff of the Provincial Office on hand to assist. Smiles all round and a sincere appreciation from the recipients.

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