International Taekwon‑Do Federation

27 Nov 2019


As the great Alberto Cortez said in his lyrics "When a friend leaves there is an empty space, which cannot fill it with the arrival of another friend ......" And so it was, Don Alfredo De Bonis Herrera went away ..... So when its light was physically turned off, the F.I.T.E. immediately began to visualize how it could honor one of its most iconic members.

The National Tournament was the perfect place to pay homage to the perfect tribute.

On October 26th it will be framed not only as an important event at the sporting level, but as a meeting point of a family, that of TaeKwon‑Do, who expresses respect, who values the person, who recognizes the work, who suffers when his family suffers, who is there to be, and it gives everything to those who give it their all.

The president of the F.I.T.E, Master Carlos Martin, together with the organizing team led by Mr. Antonio Blanco, and supported by Mr.Ramón Lema and Mr.Sergio Maneiro, agreed that it was time and place. It should be noted that once the news was communicated, all the regional representatives set to work immediately, to ensure the success of the event. And so each and every highest degree with their schools was added; Master Alejandro Veyssiere, instructors Diego Bua, Daniela Goitre, Dennys Camacho, Jose Luis Carmena, Antonio Santiso, Juan Antonio Perez, Jose María Vega, Nicolás Fernandez, Agustín López, Angel Nazco, and a very long etcetera, until reaching half a hundred participants. Members of the F.I.T.E. and friends of the same displaced from the Canary Islands, Madrid, Zaragoza, Extremadura, Murcia and Barcelona were present, who at some point in their long career shared experiences with Alfredo. They could not miss the Championship, the authorities of Noia, who patiently presented each medal to the winners. Mr. Mayor Santiago Freire, sports councilor Laura Salgado, and Urbanismo manager Mr.Martín Fernandez.  All of them supporting the initiative and thanking them for having chosen their locality as the national's headquarters.

A tournament that had protagonists from the age of 4 years onwards, colored belts and black belts, national and international competitors. After the children's categories of individual Tul, the F.I.T.E. had a surprise prepared for the family of Alfredo De Bonis, who were in the stands, having traveled from Tenerife in response to the memorial. A surprise manifests with the display of 50 black belts, cheered on in the presentation and development of each exercise. A great team that showed the affection, affection and admiration, to the figure of who was the head of the federative marketing department. Two thousand people who applauded, enjoyed and were excited by the words of Alfredo Junior, addressing everyone present thanking and remembering the special affection that his father expressed to the Galician lands. The President of the F.I.T.E. did not want to miss the opportunity to thank those who with his presence and effort made the event possible, and to whom in one way or another gave their support and sponsorship. Before the final greeting, two commemorative plaques were delivered; the first to Click Radio TV who first broadcast such an event live. And the second, to the family of the honoree, as a reminder to whom he will always be in the hearts of all; Alfredo de Bonis Herrera! .... Always between us...


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