International Taekwon‑Do Federation

25 May 2022

Hereby we proudly announce the 5th anniversary of the foundation of the United States Official Taekwon‑Do Organization USOTO.

During an online meeting on May 22, 2022 between the directors and selected outstanding instructors and students of our organization, we celebrated the 5th anniversary of the foundation of our organization.  After salud and bowing to our masters, we remembered our Taekwon‑Do Father, General Choi Hong Hi by honoring him with a minute of silence.  Then like a real Taekwon‑Do family we greeted each other with smiles and happiness.  

During this meeting we had an honor to listen to great background stories of our directors, instructors and the selected students.  As Taekwon‑Do students, we all learned more with honor and respect from everyone who shared their story with us.  Once again, Master Krishna Balal donated blood in honor of our organization.

Master Shirzai was congratulated for his recent well deserved 8th Dan promotion and we learned more from his wisdom and knowledge of Taekwon‑Do as he shared his priceless skills with us and soon we will attend a master training class conducted by him.

The true spirit of real Taekwon‑Do students was emerging from every master, instructor and student by every word that we said about our Taekwon‑Do life.  Then we discussed our achievements by proudly exchanging our experiences and all the things we have done for the development of our beloved art throughout these years.

Here is the great news!  The USOTO is the first and only organization in Taekwon‑Do history of The United States of America that has seen an outstanding unity and harmony between its directors and members.  We are developing rapidly and will soon be one of the most powerful NGBs in the world, welcoming all of our brothers and sisters in Taekwon‑Do from all around the globe to join us in this great happiness and joy of achievement.




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