International Taekwon‑Do Federation

7 Dec 2020
Reminiscing fondly my days with General Choi Hong Hi By ITF President Prof. Ri Yong Son My Taekwon‑Do journey began in secondary school in Chongjin City in North Hamgyong Provence. I trained Taekwon‑Do alongside handball practice. It is widely known that my country is renowned as the Motherland of Taekwon‑Do, thus it is popular and considered an obligation for everyone… read more
28 Aug 2020
My love for General Choi Hong Hi and passion for ITF GM Adolfo Villanueva Argentina I received my 9th Dan in 2009. Currently, I am the Vice-President of ITF in America, President of FAAT (Federation of the Argentinian Associations of Taekwon‑Do), and Director of the South American School; a school that I founded and I have represented since 2003. I have been involved in TKD for 53… read more