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14 Jun 2022
Choi Hong-Hi Former Ambassador and Army General Author, Artist and Teacher The principle founder of the Original Taekwon‑Do Founder of the 1st Korea Taekwon‑Do Association (KTA) Founder of the International Taekwon‑Do Federation (ITF) Founder of the International Martial Arts Games Committee (IMGC) General Choi would say he had two names. The one given by his parents,… read more
28 Nov 2021
Determination today leads to success tomorrow… Master Jason Bradley 8th Degree International Instructor / Examiner I was born in Bunbury, Western Australia in 1970. After starting competitive sport, in particular athletics, at a very young age I was chosen to represent Western Australia at the Pacific School Games in 1982 held in Brisbane, Queensland. This coincided with the… read more
7 Dec 2020
Reminiscing fondly my days with General Choi Hong Hi By ITF President Prof. Ri Yong Son My Taekwon‑Do journey began in secondary school in Chongjin City in North Hamgyong Provence. I trained Taekwon‑Do alongside handball practice. It is widely known that my country is renowned as the Motherland of Taekwon‑Do, thus it is popular and considered an obligation for everyone… read more
21 Nov 2020
Grand Master Low Koon Lin, Malaysian Taekwon‑Do Pioneer A Brief History of the Early Years There is little doubt that Covid-19 has had a tremendous impact on us all.  One of the worst things about this period is that I am unable to visit my father, GM Low Koon Lin, who lives in Malaysia.  However, thanks to technology, I am able to see and chat with him frequently. During these… read more
17 Jun 2020
Mastering Sports with Moral Culture For many people like myself, Taekwon‑Do is not so much a hobby, as it is a guiding principle of morality, of self-improvement, and a way of understanding the limits of one’s physical and mental capabilities. It is an artform and a lifestyle that I have dedicated myself to for over 43 years. To honour the 65th year of the naming of Taekwon‑… read more